Brake & Clutch Hose Accessories By Russell Performance

Brackets and Hardware By Russell Performance Products
Application Quantity Part #
E-clip 10 683940
Brake Line Retaining Clip 10 683941
Bolt-on 90 Mounting Bracket 2 683942
Weld-on Brake Hose Bracket 2 683943

These brake line clamps offer a professional and secure method of attaching brake hard line to a frame rail. Designed to work with 3/16" O.D. hard line.
Brake Line Clamps By Russell Performance Products
Application Quantity Part #
Stainless Steel Brake Line Clamps 12 654030
Billet Aluminum Tubing Clamps 12 654020

Brake proportioning valves are manufactured from billet aluminum and anodized. They are adjustable up to a 60% pressure reduction. Valves Include 3/8"- 24 inverted flare hard line adapter and utilizes anti-corrosive brass internal components.
Brake Proportioning Valve By Russell Performance Products
Application Part #
Russell Polished Residual Valve 654000

Russell brake residual valves eliminate spongy-pedal feel by retaining brake-line pressure and keeping your pedal firm. The valve stops brake fluid from draining back into the master cylinder; this keeps your caliper pistons and brake shoes from fully retracting so your brake system stays primed without brake drag. The result is a firmer pedal that engages quicker and provides increased braking response. These residual valves are polished for great looks and available in 2 psi for disc brakes & 10 psi for drum brakes; drums require more pressure to compensate for return spring tension.
Brake Proportioning Valve By Russell Performance Products
Size Quantity Part #
2-lb. 1 654010
10-lb. 1 654040

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